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Council Committees

Your Cosmopolis City Council members are eager to receive your input. Please don't hesitate to contact your council member if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns.

To view a list of city council members and to find contact information click here.

Mayor: Kyle Pauley
City Administrator: Darrin Raines
Judge: Honorable Geoff Arnold
City Attorney: Steve Johnson
Finance/City Hall: Finance Director Julie Pope
Police Department: Chief Heath Layman/DC Ryan Miskell
Fire Department: Chief Nick Falley/DC Mark Tarabochia
Public Works: Superintendent Jeff Nations
Judge/Court Administrator: Judge Arnold/Tracy Dugas
Mayor Pro Tempore: Councilmember Jim Ancich

Finance Committee

  • All Council Members
  • Mayor Pauley
  • City Administrator Raines
  • Attorney Steve Johnson
  • Finance Director Julie Pope

Finance Sub-Committee

  • Councilmember Wenzil (Chair)
  • Councilmember Carlisle
  • Ken Cummings

Public Works Committee

  • Councilmember Ancich (Chair)
  • Councilmember Makos

Public Safety Committee

  • Councilmember Wenzel (Chair)
  • Councilmember Carlisle

Parks, Recreation & Cemetery

  • Councilmember Carlisle (Chair)
  • Councilmember Robinson

Auditing Committee

  • Councilmember Makos
  • Councilmember Robinson
  • Councilmember Carlisle

Aberdeen-Hoquiam RFA Planning Committee

  • Councilmember Cummings
  • Councilmember Wenzil
  • Mayor Pauley

Regional Representatives

  • Council of Governments: Mayor Pauley / Administrator Raines
  • E-911: Mayor Pauley
  • Flood Authority: Mayor Pauley / Administrator Raines
  • SWRTPO: Mayor Pauley