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Important resources and information for Government operations.

Mayor's Office

Some time ago, I was asked if I wanted to make Cosmopolis great. I told them no, because it is already great. My goal is to make it greater. Serving the…

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City Council

The City of Cosmopolis operates under the mayor-council form of government, where policy and administration are separated. All legislative and policy-making powers are vested in the city council. The administrative authority, including veto power, is vested in the mayor.

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Council Committees

Your Cosmopolis City Council members are eager to receive your input. Please don't hesitate to contact your council member if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns.

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Meeting Minutes

Below you will find an archive of previous Meeting Meetings. Use the link above for minutes from May 2022 onward.

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Below is an archive of Agendas from meetings prior to May 2022. Use the link above for current items.

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